…food is not just fuel, but an experience, and one we’d do well to honor the full range of.”

Kevin Young

Welcome to The Scholar and the Savage, a food blog with no recipes – just food experiences.

I’m exploring how to reconnect with nature by reconnecting with our food -and vice versa. We all have to eat, and everything we eat must come from nature, no matter how far we remove ourselves from it. And we’ve grown dangerously apart.

To me, reconnection means sharing my journeys in local, farm to table, and adventurous eating. It means cooking with the mind and heart, and going the distance for the best ingredients – including growing, gathering, or hunting them.

It means keeping sustainability, humaneness, and health at the forefront, and researching our food systems and food choices as they can, will, and must change.

By eating consciously, participating in food production, and understanding the story of everything on our plate, I know we can change the world with food – for the better. This humble blog is just the beginning.